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Standard interview question asked in interviews

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Standard interview question asked in interviews Empty Standard interview question asked in interviews

Post by QA-Opening on Sat Sep 05, 2015 5:19 pm

# Can u explain the structure of bug life cycle?

# Can you explain V model in manual testing?

# Can you explain me the levels in V model manual?

# Can you explain water fall model in manual testing?

# Difference between bug,error,and defect?

# Explain about MicroSoft Six Rules Standardfor User Interface testing?

# Explain about use case document ?

# Explain me the phases of STLC and explain each one briefly?

# Give exact and appropriate definition of testing.

# How many modes of recording are there ?

# How to add objects to the Object Rpository?

# How to arrive Testcase? and how to write Testcase in Email id? when we go for winrunner and why we go for

# How to carry out manual testing for a background process which does't have any user interface ?

# How to do regression testing, and can give one or two examples on that in the same application?

# How to test the Microsoft Word 2003. What all the major areas to be tested, please explain.

# How to write a testcase and bugreport?plz expln with an example.

# How will you review the test case and how many types are there ?

# Share a particular project where you have been able to learn enough skills to help with testing? (more for the

# The role of both QA & QC?

# What are GET TO , SETTO,and GET RO properties in QTP.

# What are the difference between per text mode and shared mode in qtp ?

# What are the objectives of Lowlevel recording? What is Elapsed Time? When we use Update mode? Is Quick Test

# What are the objectives of Utility objects?

# What are the objectives of debugging?

# What are the processes followed in your company for automation?

# What do you mean by Pilot Testing?

# What is AUT?

# What is BUG Life cycle?

# What is Black Box Testing?

# What is FSO can you explain?

# What is Review?

# What is SRS and BRS document?Can you explain them briefly.

# What is SRS and BRS in manual testing.

# What is STLC how many phases are there can you explain them .

# What is Sanity Test,Adhoc Testing & Smoke Testing? When will use the Above Tests?

# What is V model can u explain ?

# What is V model in manual testing ?

# What is a frame work at what situations we will use?

# What is a test plan who will prepare that one?

# What is alpha tesging and beta testing ?

# What is application entry and exit criteria?

# What is compatibility testing?

# What is debugging?

# What is determination?

# What is exact difference between Debugging & Testing?

# What is fish model can you explain?


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